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 Hello friends by Dvd/NewFantasy

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PostSubject: Hello friends by Dvd/NewFantasy   Sun Sep 02 2012, 18:00

Hello my friends.

I see that the few survivors, NDSThemes, and ThemeAsylum, imformacion have arranged all that they can and have come to the forum, GabbyNaruto, seeking answers to the events of recent months.
I am one of those users that have been somewhat disappointed, but mostly very confused.

Not writing this to criticize what has happened or what happened to ThemeAsylum NDSThemes but simply to thank all those who put their time and effort to try to keep some sites that unfortunately have been forced to close. My blog is doomed to extinction, or lack of time to keep it active and simply for lack of desire
Surely someone knows what I'm talking about.

I like to think that this forum would be the continuation of a large group of people who have put their knowledge and talent at the service of all who needed it in a completely altruistic.
In closing I would like to apologize for my nefarious, English. I hope you understand me enough.
A hug and a greeting to all those who know me, or who thought they could meet me.
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PostSubject: Re: Hello friends by Dvd/NewFantasy   Sun Sep 02 2012, 20:05

Hi Newfantasy,

I was thinking the same things. Not that I have been active with the theming but it seems a shame the themes made and collected in the past have disappeared from (or are scattered throughout) the internet.

Be well.

Cheers, Voltage
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Hello friends by Dvd/NewFantasy
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