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 The Future Of Theme Asylum

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PostSubject: The Future Of Theme Asylum   Sat Jul 21 2012, 04:02

Hi Gang long time no post but I hope everyone is doing good. Smile

So, it's been a while and I've had a chance to digest everything that's happened and I can finally say what I've processed.

First off, my best regards to DiD in his current situation with his family and whatever he chooses to undertake in the future. Family is first and that is not to be questioned. So I support him with that decision. Also I sincerely thank him for everything he added, created, and innovated to developing TA. All those hours no doubt paid a price.

Regarding TA. To say that I'm disappointed is an understatement. The website was beautiful, it was getting close to the final stage of development and was a culmination of all of the members ideas and thoughts on how a fully operational theme-ing site should be. Aside from graphics, ideas, time, advertising, etc... alot of heart went into TA's development. Financially, personal monetary contributions were made for the birth of the site and its continued operations and per DiD there were enough funds to carry the site for another year or so. Fiscal matters aside...TA was not the property of one individual. It belonged to everybody who contributed to its development and shared an idea to its inception.

DiD I hope that one day you read this in one shape or form as I understand and know you to be an honorable guy, heck of a nice person to boot. But, you didn't have the right to pull the plug, remove the domain and park it where no one else could access or continue the promotion of the site. If money was an issue, the rest of us could have pooled resources. I implore you to "hand over the keys" to the site to one of us to allow TA to live. Please ask yourself the question: "Was it fair to just abandon TA without giving the rest of its founding members a voice on how TA was to continue?" In my opinion, speaking for myself, I would not have done this to you DiD. I would have said, hey sadly I can't continue any longer but here please take over and you guys and girls go on without me. Hopefully, I can join you guys at a later date, but if not it would be nice to see where TA ends up in the future. Your decision has left many of us scratching our heads and feeling disappointed and wondering "what happened?" The reality is you are the only one who can grant us access to the site and without sounding unsympathetic to your circumstances I'm saying again that it shouldn't have been just one person's decision to end TA.

To the rest of the gang. This post wasn't a rant, it just is my point of view and has no ill will. I really don't have the web savvy to create a website as beautiful as TA was. I hope that you all continue to theme because you love to do it, but I don't know in what capacity or where you can share your art now that NDSthemes is also gone. Stay cool as always and thank you for your supporting TA. It was a great run that hopefully hasn't run its course.

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The Future Of Theme Asylum
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