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 Back to school: Day 1

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PostSubject: Back to school: Day 1   Mon Sep 12 2011, 19:06

So, Monday, September 12th, the day when all the dreams are shuttered, the day when you come back to reality, the day when your brain starts working again after it got rusty for 3 months, the day when all the students are sad that the summer break is over, the day you have to meet your classmates again, weather you like them or not, the day some new relationships can be born or broken, or simply, the day the hell begins.

So was my day today. Boring as always, like every time the school starts. Met with my classmates again. Not the best experience ever, but better than it was in the last years. 5 of them were lost in action unfortunately, so, now, we're the class with the fewest students. The teachers, boring as always. The opening, well, shorter than usually, but boring as hell. Classmates, still the same, most of them. Got a new classroom too, small, really small, we feel like sardines in it.

Well, the fun began once our classroom teacher showed up. But, as a flashback, I'll say this. Towards the end of the summer, I got close to one lovely girl in my class. Can't say I don't like her, but, I'm settled down on her, I'll never make any movements, cause, the reason we got close in first place is cause I'm the one she trusts most in that classroom, so, we are working together on getting her boyfriend back to her again. Okay, flashback done, so, now I'll say about the fun. I'm in the 11th grade now, one year from finishing highschool. So, our teacher started talking about the big exam at the end of the 12th grade, called BAC here. So, he started lecturing us about the BAC, bu, suddenly, that girl started making fun of the entire classroom (in a way no one minded) and of the BAC itself, saying something like "Why do you worry, teach? We won't be passing the 11th grade, why we worry about the 12th? We'll be here forever and ever, we'll make our goodbye photo as skeletons". And it kept on being good afterward, with her still making fun, and all of us laughing. She always keeps the mood high, but, I'm impressed that she did it today too, since the last 2 weeks she's been depressed about losing her boyfriend (or namely, cause he hates her).

So well, the day started awfully, but it ended amazingly well.

As a side note, none of my classmates recognized me today, simply because I was wearing different clothes than the usual jeans costume. It was funny to see their reactions when they noticed it was me.

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Back to school: Day 1
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