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 Rumor: Nintendo Wii U in development hell

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PostSubject: Rumor: Nintendo Wii U in development hell   Fri Sep 09 2011, 18:45

Quote :
Bad news, nobody. Just as things were starting to look up with a 260% boost in sales revenues in the month of August, Nintendo's luck has reverted back to running dry. The word is that software developers are finding it too difficult and frustrating to develop for the Wii U, particularly with the tablet controller - that's an accusation that Nintendo had sent out faulty development kits, and game designers just can't manage with it's cumbersome development interface. The horse's mouth? It just so happens to be 01net, the same source which foresaw the announcement of the infamous 3DS circle pad peripheral. What this means, if true, is that developers could ultimately give up on their Wii U projects and defect them to another system, as a cause of being dissatisfied.

"According to our source, it seems that the final architecture has been rushed through the door, with undesirable consequences."

Those consequences allegedly include "inadequate" streaming and wireless functionality integral to the Wii U's innovative design, the source continues, and speculation that the console's main chip set "may be a tad too cheap."

"So far, the wireless functions simply do not work at all," it continues, claiming that as a result, developers are working with a tethered controller which apparently "still does not work properly".

"Many developers are feeling lost, their progress impeded by a distinct lack of visibility, their working hours by the quasi-paced daily software updates."

Have Nintendo given their third-party developers poorly-designed and even "cheap" development kits? The 25.5 billion yen Nintendo lost with the poor sales performance of the 3DS earlier this year might be an indication of the existence of these "cheap" console kits. But it seems as though every piece of hardware leaving the Nintendo company these days is just a little bit too "rushed"... the 3DS was released before a stable launch library could be prepared for it, and before plans on a second circle pad could be finalised. Was it Shigeru Miyamoto who said, "a delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is forever"? If all is true, maybe Nintendo should practice what they preach a little more, lest things really start to get bad for the company... we'll just have to wait and see if this one's true!

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Ouch, I have a bad feeling about this...

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Rumor: Nintendo Wii U in development hell
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