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 Holidays summary

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PostSubject: Holidays summary   Mon Aug 15 2011, 01:42

So, 2 months passed already from the summer holidays, and there is one left. So, thought I'd let you know what I've done so far.

Let's see:
- I've spent the last month just fixing my bike. I was having flat after flat. It felt awful repairing it every 3-4 days. Still, I learned something though, how to fix a flat Laugh The basic mechanical knowledge every man has to know.
- Other than fixing my bike, sometimes I've been drawing. Trying to make a manga right now... Noob skills, so, you know, it's hard, but still, if you don't try, you don't do a thing...
- Something else... Well, I've been playing Portal 2. A friend of mine came from Italy and slept a few days at me, and he brought me Portal 2. Great game. Playing Assassin's Creed right now.
- Um, I've also been making a flash. Nowhere close to be finished yet, I'm not exactly fast at making it, but, that's just because I'm lazy.
- Other... I've been watching some summer anime. Finished the entire Lucky Star series, and now I keep up with 4 great animes: "Mayo Chiki!", "Kami-sama no Memo-Chou" (or God's Memo-Pad as it is dubbed in English), "No. 6" and "Sacred Seven". Beautiful animes, too bad some of them will be over before my birthday.
- Um, also, few of you know that I love riding my bike. Why do you think it broke, I usually make at least 18 kilometers per day (though I did about 8 at the holiday's beginning). Heard it's healthy, and it has great effects for me.
- And since we talk about riding my bike, I usually listen to music while riding it. Got a big number of classical music a while ago, so, it rocks.
- And finally, other than listening to music, I love riding my bike because I leave this world when I do. The music removes any outside sound, so I can concentrate on my imaginary world. Yeah, you read that right, imaginary. There is a perfect world in my mind, so, I like to go there. But, don't get it wrong, I've made this world just because my imagination would go wild otherwise. Since I can't draw, create games or make anime to release my imagination, I've redirected it in a beautiful imaginary world. Sweet stuff there, including a cool girlfriend... Guess that's one thing I need to get for real too, though, chances are low that I'll get it this life Laugh

Well, guess that's about all I've did this holidays, and what I'll continue to do for a least a month, until the holidays are over. I have such a boring life...

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Holidays summary
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