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 Anime Review: Mayo Chiki!

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PostSubject: Anime Review: Mayo Chiki!   Sun Jul 31 2011, 19:16

Well, Mayo Chiki! A new, 2011 anime, that was released this summer. I enjoyed it from the very first episode, and now, that it is at the 4th episode, I thought I should make a small review. So, here goes!


The anime setting is somewhere in Tokyo, I think. The location has never been mentioned in the anime, so, I'll just go guessing. Most of the episodes take part either at the high-school, at Jirou's house, or at Suzutski mansion, but, the location can be different too. Not too much to say in here, so, I'll go ahead.


First off, the characters are pretty normal. The main cast is composed by Sakamachi Kinjirou, Konoe Subaru, Suzutski Kanade and Sakamachi Kureha. I'll go a bit over the personalities of everyone while trying not to spoil anything.

Sakamachi Kinjirou

So, first off, is Jirou. He's what you would call a normal student, just that he isn't exactly normal. He suffers of gynophobia, so, he never goes around girls. Because of that, his classmates though that he might be homosexual, thing he highly disagrees with. Personality wise, Jirou is quite impulsive and protective, even though he is a chicken most of the time. He also hates when people call him by his full name, because the word chicken is part of his name (Sakamachi Kinjirou). Other than that, he has a strong will, and a even stronger body strength, being able to stand hits that would knock normal people out. He also seems to have a crush on Konoe, as she is the only girl other than his sister that he goes along well with.

Konoe Subaru

Konoe Subaru is Suzutski's butler. Due to family circumstances, she has to cross-dress as a boy to keep her job. After Jirou accidentally found out that she's, in fact, a girl, she has been ordered to hang out with him so he won't reveal her secret to anyone, but, developed a crush on him because of that. Other than Suzutski, Jirou is her only friend, so, she's really worked up when Jirou is in danger, feeling terrible pain in her heart every time. Also, she's quite shy around him, but never hesitates to hang out with him, going as far as to enter the bathroom while he was bathing (incidentally, Jirou did the same thing in the first episode, but Konoe knocked him out because he saw her naked). Personality wise, Subaru is quite shy, but she can change personality in a instant. The first time Jirou used a sheep ticket (which would allow him to give a order to Konoe), she lost herself, and went in a crazy-like status. Also, when Jirou entered the bathroom while she was taking a shower, she was really calm, even though she knew Jirou saw her naked, just to knock him out as soon as the conversation was over. Konoe has a crush on Jirou, thing she has shown many times, and she becomes quite jealous when Kureha said that Jirou was going out with Suzutski. She is also a good friend, trying to protect the ones close to her every time, going as far as having a fight with her father because of Jirou.

Suzutski Kanade

Suzutski is Konoe's master. On the outside, she looks like a calm, cute, good girl, but on the inside, she is in fact a sadistic girl that uses everything to her advantage. She is the one to be blamed for Konoe's crush on Jirou, but, as time passed, she developed a crush on him too. She likes to put Jirou in all kind of situations, by spreading fake information, thing Jirou hates her for. She's quite close to both Jirou and Konoe, and even to Kureha, who she calls sister. Her crush on Jirou is more subtle than Konoe's, but she shows it big time, calling Jirou her boyfriend in episode 3 and giving him the first kiss in episode 4 (which was her first kiss too).

Sakamachi Kureha

Kureha is Jirou's little sister. She's really cheerful and careless, and, like her mother, she also likes fights. She always wakes Jirou up with some fighting moves because of that. Personality wise, she's cheerful, but can become quite angry and jealous. She also has a crush on Konoe, who she thinks is a boy. Her best friend seems to be Suzutski, as the 2 act like sisters to each other. She's also really brave and strong, as she fought a bear bare handed and got away with just a broken arm.


Graphic wise, the anime is, like any other anime, really well drawn, so, nothing big around here. Scenes are well made, characters are even better drawn, so, everything feels just right when you watch it. Just that... this anime also goes extreme graphically, having many scenes not recommended for young kids. Still, that's what makes the anime funny.

Last Words

A really funny anime, a must watch this season. My favorite this summer for sure.

My Rating: 9.5


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Anime Review: Mayo Chiki!
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