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 Game Preview: Far Cry 3

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PostSubject: Game Preview: Far Cry 3   Wed Jul 20 2011, 01:02

Yeah, so, I haven't actually played Far Cry 2 yet (will buy it soon), but had one hell of a good time with Far Cry 1. But, this is about the third game, so, here's my little thoughts about it. I must say though, this is based purely on the E3 2011 demo.


When I saw the demo, the first thought that was in my head was "Oh, god, these graphics are insane". And, I still think that. I haven't played a game so far to look like that. Assassin's Creed 2, Crysis,Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, all beautiful games, but all beaten by Far Cry 3. I have to say though, if the graphics are like that, I have a feeling I'll need lots more RAM, and Windows 7.

Beautiful, isn't it?


Like the first game, you are on a tropical island. A beautiful place, if you don't mind the people living on it. Other than the fact that it looks great, it's just a tropical island, not too much to talk about.


Well, you take the role of a guy named Jason, who is a tourist. How did he got on the island, is unknown. What's for sure is that, other than Jason, everyone on the island is insane. The antagonist of the game is a guy named Vaas, who doesn't waste any time trying to kill you. Like everyone else, he's insane, though he does deny it. So, you'd better hold tight on your weapon when running away from him, or you might not catch another day on that island. Vaas has a really funny personality, but that's probably because he's nuts. Also, his language is varied, sometimes talking like a respectable person, other like a criminal that broke out of jail. Still, he's really cool, if you like antagonists.

"Did I ever tell you the definition... of insanity?"


Okay, I'm impressed. For a First Person Shooter, this game has so many possibilities that you won't believe it. In the trailer, the way Jason used the machine gun was amazing, and looked really realistic. Also, the pistol is used like a true weapon, not like a weak one like in most games (even used to threaten a helicopter pilot without the need of a cut-scene). What I saw most impressive though was how the knife was used. It was used at it's maximum. You just have to see it to believe it.

Last Thoughts

Yeah, the game is impressive, even from a small and short demo. It will probably be even better when released. If you're a true FPS player, that this game is most certainly a must-buy.

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PostSubject: Re: Game Preview: Far Cry 3   Fri Jul 22 2011, 01:48

I would get this but I'm saving up for other games shame though. Crying or Very sad Mad
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Game Preview: Far Cry 3
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