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PostSubject: Terranigma   Tue Jul 19 2011, 20:37

Another must have game. Originally called "The creation of Heaven and Earth", release in 1995 in Japan for the Super Nintendo.

It was my first ever action role-playing game. And it took weeks to finish. Unlike games today that you can finish in a few days or a week max, this game was epic.

At the time the graphics were really good, and even today you can put up with them cause the game play is so good and extensive.

First of all you start of by accidentally opening a "Pandora's box" of evil in your elders cellar. Which effectively freezes all the people on earth. Now you have to revive them. I thought at the time that the game would be over after that, but no, it goes on. You revive the wind, you bring back trees, you revive the animals and finally the humans. Surely, you must thing, this is the end. There can't be any more. Wrong, that is only the start.

You spend the rest of you the game helping the villages evolve, by helping with important inventions. You have to ship materials back and forth between them. As the villages evolve you get better transport and even a flat you can furnish.

Of course there is a lot of fighting involved too. You have to defeat evil and a friend you thought you had turns out to be a traitor and of course you have to fight for the love of a girl.

All in all probably one of the best games ever made. And I would love to see it remade with modern graphics. My score is 10 out of 10. You can't get any better. Well done Quintet. Very Happy

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