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 Anime Review: Kiddy Grade

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PostSubject: Anime Review: Kiddy Grade   Wed Jul 28 2010, 21:07

I know that, every time one hears about Kiddy Grade, they don't even wanna know what this anime is about. Trust me, I was like this too. I didn't wanna watch it because I thought it just follows some random girls through a year of school (like Lucky Star does). But, one day, while I had nothing to do, I switched to Animax in order to see what I can watch. And, guess what, Kiddy Grade has just captured me then. When I realized it was actually Kiddy Grade, I was just in love with it! But anyway, allow me to review it for you!


Well, Kiddy Grade takes place in the future, where 2 members of the Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs, also known as GOTT, fight for the fate of the universe. In the first episodes few episodes, the 2 GOTT members, Eclair and Lumiere, along with the Auditor Armburst (Armblast in the english dub) are sent to solve military and/or political problems. They do pretty well, until they are sent to protect the Nouvles on a planet where humans are slaves for the Nouvles. Eclair couldn't stand Nouvles' behavior towards humans, so she disobeyed her orders and attacked the Nouvles. Because of that, she and her partner Lumiere have been purged. They fought against A-ou and Un-ou, almost getting Lumiere and Un-ou killed. Ultimately, after Lumiere and Un-ou were saved by Eclair's long dead "boyfriend", A-ou and Un-ou got purged themselves too, because they wanted the freedom they didn't have with GOTT. Then, in the 14th episode, Steel/Heart, Eclair's and Lumiere's mechanical friends, Donnerschlag, and Whirblewind got virused with a virus called Hashish by Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Eclair and Lumiere fought they friends, who, in order to save the girls, destroyed themselves. That made Eclair and Lumiere attack the GOTT Headquarters, where they got killed by Alv and Dvergr, who took their looks and "killed" Eclipse. Unfortunately for Alv and Dvergr, Eclips wasn't killed, and, using her abilities, she reborn Eclair and Lumiere, who, from episode 19, Take/Revenge, where they actually showed their new looks to the audience, fought against Alv and Dvergr, who, in episode 24, As Time Goes By, died in space!


She's "The GOTT Member that never dies". She is looking like a 15 year old girl, but in fact, she has at least 250 years old, being reborn many times by Eclipse. She also has a son, Chevalier D'Autrice, who, by the time the series takes place, is way older than Eclair's New looks (D'Autrice is 56, while Eclair is 15). She has a childish attitude, often making moves before thinking, and getting annoyed really easily (usually on Armburst). She usually shouts "Ta-da" when she surprises her enemies. Because she is really impatient and immature, she makes Lumiere say "A lady should really be more elegant". Although she is really childish, she also cares about others, and she has some mother-like love for kids.


She is Eclair's friend and partner. She is looking like a 10 years old girl, but she is more than 200 years old, being also reborn by Eclipse. Unlike her partner though, she never lost her memories from the past lifes, and she had them until her body couldn't stand that many memories combined with a lot more information. Although she is younger than Eclair, she is more polite, mature, and has much more elegant tastes than Eclair. In fight, she has almost no physical abilities. Instead, she can control every single computer she wants to. She is usually protected by Donnerschlag, Eclair's robot. She also developed a strong friendship with Whirblewind, Le Muse's computer, which she created from a destroyed robot, in order to save it. Lumiere can break through 3.786 firewalls in less than 10 minutes. Her weapon in battle is a COP 357 Derringer.

I only review the girls, as I don't want to spoil your fun, okay!


Being a anime, it has really beautiful graphics. Although not 3D, the graphics seem really close to reality, especially the space, which looks almost completely real. I still have to say that, although the eye-catches can be sometimes weird, the anime is really good, and the graphics can match the ones from the new animes (the graphics are almost as good as Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's's 3D graphics).

P.S. It has fan service too, so, boys, be on a watch!

Last Words

I do not know why many can't stand this anime. It has a strong plot, strong graphics, really strong characters, and, even though it's not Dragon Ball Z, this anime is really entertaining form the beginning to the very end. Also, no matter what version you choose, either the original Japanese version or the FUNimation Dubbed Version, you'll spot no difference! And, when a anime is not cut in the english dub, well that has to be a strong point!

My Rating: 9.5
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Anime Review: Kiddy Grade
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