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 Poetry competiton

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PostSubject: Poetry competiton   Mon Jul 18 2011, 19:36

Right, after a little tweaking we've come up with this idea:

A poetry competition about a give subject. The thread is open for a month (while we still have few visitors, later one probably a week), there will be a vote on the best poem (it doesn't have to rhyme, so long as it's arty) and the winner will get points.

So the first subject is: (drum roll please....)....Harvest Moon!!!

Happy rhyming, or not, whatever is your bag Very Happy

So here is my attempt. I feel a bit silly, as poetry is not really my thing. But here it goes:

Harvest Moon

From Island of Happiness to the Tale of two Towns
Harvest Moon has made us happy and lifted our frowns.

Over the years we've watered and planted
and when things went wrong we ranted.

When you pass out with exhaustion at the end of the day
you know you've over done it, should have had a cup of tea.

You push your cow every morning and night
but she turns left just out of spite.

I love fishing with my pole,
that's hard to come by,
as you well know.

Going down the mine in the winter is great,
Just don't run out of juice or it's too late.

But no matter how annoyed I get
I can always save and go to bed.

So no matter what you throw at me,
I'll always come back,
be the first in the store or looking for a hack.

So can I say thanks to the makers of Harvest Moon,
Please bring a new one out very soon.

Thank you! Gosh I feel silly Embarassed
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PostSubject: Re: Poetry competiton   Tue Jul 19 2011, 02:16

Here's my entry:

"It was back in the Super Nintendo age
When a new game saved us when we were in rage
Harvest Moon, that was it's name
And trust me, it was one really realistic game.

Gamers from around the world
To survive, their crops they've sold
And the animals helped you too
To forget that life's not true

You were first a city boy
You became the mayor's toy
He turned you into a farmer
You worked there the whole summer

You kept working at the farm
You've met girls when on the run
And before you even knew
You had a wife and child to grew

Now, so many years later
The games got really better
You can do so many things
You would think the chars are living beings

Now the games will go 3D
You'll have a bigger family
And a bigger world to see
Now that's a Harvest Moon for me."

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Poetry competiton
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