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 First 3DS roms dumped?

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PostSubject: First 3DS roms dumped?   Mon Jun 06 2011, 16:32

First off, no, no piracy talk here. Just something that got my eye, and is related to piracy. Seems like a group called Legacy managed to dump not one, but 3 3DS games. How they did it, and how they run them, it's unknown, though they say they have the devices to do it.

Erm, anyway:
Quote :
In an abrupt turn of events, a release group by the name of LGC has apparently managed to dump the first 3DS roms. The roms dumped are the European versions of Super Monkey Ball 3D and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Shadow Wars. These releases come along with actual release nfo's. Both roms are 2048Mbit (or 256MB), which is smaller than the largest DS rom. LGC is not a new group, they have dumped DS and DSi roms before, so it's probable that this claim may be real. Also, the source comes form Ludibria, a popular site that posts scene release data for many systems. It remains unknown how LGC did this or what tools they used. And for now, the dumps remain unusable due to a lack of compatible flashcards. But for now, they are apparently released and use the file extension .3DS. NFO files can be found in the spoiler tag.

Legacy's page

Erm, hope this doesn't mean the premature death of the 3DS.

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First 3DS roms dumped?
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